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Chilaquiles $8.00   

Con arroz y frijoles (with rice and beans)

(corn tortillas chips in green,red, arbol, mole, creamy chipotle sauce. Topped with sour cream, cheese and onion. )

-Con arrachera $13.50

(with skirt steak)

-Con cecina $11.50

-Con huevos $11.50 

(with eggs) 

-Suizos $11.50

(with melted cheese)

-Con mollete $11.50

(With Mexican sausage or bacon)

Skillets $11.99

Served with potatoes, mushrooms, bell pepper, onions and chihuahua cheese

- 2 huevos al gusto

(2 eggs cooked at your choice)

-Con arrachera

(With skirt steak)

-Con pollo

(With chicken)

-Con tocino

(With bacon)

-Con chorizo

(With Mexican sausage)

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