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Desayunos / Breakfast 

(With rice and beans) (Con arroz y frijoles)

- Huevos revueltos

( 2 scrambled eggs)

-Huevos Estrellados

(2 Sunny side eggs)

-Huevos a la Mexicana

(2 scrambled eggs with tomato, onion, and jalapeño)

- Huevos Rancheros

(2 sunny side eggs with molcajete sauce)

- Huevos al albañil 

( 2 scrambled eggs with molcajete sauce) 


- Huevos con chorizo

(2 scrambled eggs with Mexican Sausage)

-Huevos revueltos con chorizo a la Mexicana

(2 scrambled eggs with Mexican sausage, tomato,onion and jalapeño)

- Huevos con chorizo y papas

(2 scrambled eggs with patatoes)

- Huevos con jamon

(2 scrambled eggs with ham)
-Huevos la tia Paula

(2 scrambled eggs with bacon,ham,black,beans,zuchinni,corn, and chile monroy)

-Huevos San Luis
(2 scrambled eggs with cactus slices, choice of arbol,red, or green sauce.)

-Huevos norteños

(2 scrambled eggs with tortilla chips,bacon,potatoes, and vinegar peppers)

-Huevos guerrerenses
(2 scrambled eggs with potatoes and green sauce)


- Machacado de huevo

(scrambled eggs with cecina, tomato, and onion)

-Huevos aporreados

(scrambled eggs with cecina and choice of green or red sauce)

-Desayuno a la brava

(5oz. grilled steak, with very Brava green sauce,melted cheese and 2 eggs over easy)

-Desayuno Rincón Azteca

(2 over easy eggs with 50z.grilled steak)

-Desayuno fortachon

(2 scrambled eggs with potatoes,onion,mushrooms, and 5oz.grilled steak)


- Huevos Toluqueños

(Over easy eggs with tortilla, Mexican sausage,  cactus slices and green sauce)

-Huevos Tarascos

(Over easy eggs with tortilla,ham,cheese and green sauce)

-Huevos Campesinos

(Scrambled eggs with sautéed with chile de arbol sauce and whole beans)

-Huevos Teloloapenses

(Scrambled eggs with mole sauce and grilled cheese)

-Huevos a la cazuela

(Scrambled eggs with chicharron in arbol sauce or green sauce)

- Desayuno Mi Ranchito

(Scrambled eggs with bacon, black beans, corn, Mexican zucchini and arbol sauce)


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