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Aves / Poultry       $16.00

Con arroz, frijoles, y ensalada

(With rice, beans, & salad)

-Penchuga rancherita   

(Grilled chicken breast w/ arbol sauce, corn, bacon, black beans, & zuchinni)

-Pechuga sabrosita

(Grilled chicken breast w/ arbol sauce, pork skins, & black beans)

-Combinacion azteca

(Grilled chicken breast, cecina, Mexican sausage, cactus, & molcajete sauce)

-Pechuga sureña al chipotle

(Grilled chicken breast in spicy chipotle sauce w/ poblano peppers)

-Pechuga campestre

(Grilled chicken breast w/ green sauce, cactus, whole beans, & grilled cheese)

-Pechuga india

(Grilled chicken breast w/ mushrooms, spicy house sauce)

-Tampiqueña de pollo

(Grilled chicken breast w/ 1 green enchilada, cheese, rice, beans, & guacamole)

-Pollo en mole

(Chicken in famous Mexican mole)

-Pechuga empanizada     $15.00

(Breaded chicken breast)

-Pechuga a la parilla       $15.00

(Grilled chicken beast)

-Guilotas al gusto      $17.00

(Your choice of green, red, or arbol sauce)

-Flautas de pollo      $12.50

(3 crispy fried rolled tortilla w/ cheese, sour cream, lettuce, guacamole, pico de gallo, rice & beans)

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