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Carnes / Meats

-Carne asada a la parrilla           $17.00

(Grilled steak with rice, beans, & salad)

-Carne tampiqueña           $18.00

(Grilled steak, 1 green cheese enchilada, rice beans, & guacamole)

-Carne Rincón Azteca          $18.00

(Grilled steak in molcajete sauce, salad, and melted cheese)

- Arrachera rancherita         $18.00

(Grilled steak in arbol sauce, black beans, corn, Mexican zucchini, and bacon) 

-Carne sabrosita                     $18.00

(Grilled steak in arbol sauce, pork skin, and black)

-Carne campestre                 $18.00

(Grilled steak in green sauce, cheese, cactus slices, and whole beans)

-Cecina estilo Guerrero          $15.00

- Lomo de res en chile de arbol       $17.00

(Ribeye steak with arbol sauce)

-Costillas de res al gusto              $16.00

(Your choice of grilled beef ribs)

-Carne india                         $18.00

(Grilled steak with mushrooms in a spicy sauce)

-Costillas de puerco con espinacas       $15.00

( Pork ribs with your choice of sauce and rice,beans and salad)

-Chiles rellenos                       $15.00

(Poblano peppers filled with cheese, covered with egg, w/ rice, beans, salad)

-Cecina poblana                  $16.00

(Poblano slices with onions and melted cheese)

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